"Everything you want is here".
Number Two, "Dance of the Dead".

There's a whole cyber-verse of Prisoner and Portmeirion websites, all with their own unique approach. Some feature solid information, others are more lighthearted. Whatever your mood, you'll find something to suit your tastes here.

All of these websites are produced independently by their own webmasters and The Unmutual cannot be held responsible for their content. Nevertheless, they are all sites that we personally enjoy and we hope you will too.



Danger Man website - our sister site.

The Unmutual on Facebook

Top source for merchandise

Website of "The Village" - stay offers.

Website of "The Village" - cottage offers.

Website of Prisoner writer/historian Robert Fairclough

The Official Website of Katherine Kath

Prisoner Audio Adventures

Air Your Views


The Prisoner: episode guide, surveys,
games, theories, and discussions

Paul Smith's toy-movie Prisoner spoof.

Information on the series.

Includes interviews with many ITC stars.

Official McGoohan Autographs

Prisoneresque songs on Myspace.

TV Enthusiast Site

Vintage Portmeirion Newsreels

Includes Prisoner Locations Information

Italian Prisoner Site


The Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society

"Decoding The Prisoner" Author Chris Gregory

Darkchilde's Prisoner Guide

Mark Glinsky's Prisoner Page

Zyra's Prisoner Page

Colony 3 Archives & Google Group

Life of Wylie


DVD Reviews

The Offstage Theatre Group

"The Girl Who Was Death" Helicopter

Owners of the airfield and Jet in "Many Happy Returns".

Books regarding "Girl Who Was Death" Funfairs.

Steve Dix / The Sinistrals Music Site

Sunshine Gold Radio

Pakala Productions - Anglesey-based theatre company

Geek Nation Tours - TV, Film, and Sci-Fi tours.

DC Tours -
A spectacular Washington attraction, the Crime Museum delivers information, both visual and descriptive, on US crime history, punishment, police forces, forensics, and much more.


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